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I was just reading an article on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, that claimed guys that don’t wash dishes get laid more often LOL. Now how stupid is that? Guys that get laid our guys that used cheating websites, they use sex dating and how do they get to join sex dating websites it simply because webmasters that own adult oriented or even mainstream websites sign up to dating affiliate networks and distribute via their websites and using banners and links what these networks actually offer. In most cases all these dating sites are bogus is they really got off you anything all they want to do is take your credit card number and have you pay a monthly fee for absolutely nothing .I really don’t like doing that it’s not my business to sell to my visitors something that’s a ripoff, I would rather not sell anything then rip my visitors off knowing that they will never come back to my website because of this.

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Yep, thats the case, but a woman becomes a Milf once that they have a child, is that correct? Well, in this case she’s been a Milf for over a year now. Karen age 20 mom of one and a very hot Milf indeed. I was a little surprised when I seen her and her profile listed for sex personals and sex dating on milf dating, the well known website where moms sign up for free to meet guys in and around their town, but once that I read her short Bio, I figured out that she is one hot and young Milf.

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First of all, I know what you could be asking yourself. That this is a post I’m dedicating to a sponsor that I want to share with other fellow webmasters and that the chick in the pantyhose in the image below has really fuck all to do with what I have to say. You’re right, but she happens to be one of the babes that I met on the Dating affiliate sites. She’s a webmaster and a model as well. So she sent me a few pics after that we had a good chat online, talking about sponsors and shit, and she asked me as I’m connected with the adult industry, as in producers and company owners, if I could show a few of her pics around on my blogs and let the adult industry know that she is ready for webcam shows and porn videos if needed. I mean take a look at her, she’s pretty fucking hot right?! I think so and the photo that I picked, really isn’t one that delivers that well, I mean this chick is a lot more hotter than what you see right here. Anyways. I invited her to use for some of her mainstream websites and I showed her my stats and how well they convert for me. My gossip and celebrity sites are doing very well with these ads and now I’ll give my news and videos sites a try. I’ll keep you all updated on the status of sales.

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